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Exhausted by the Thought of a Vacation - Join the Club

Raise your hand if vacations or travel stresses you out!

Hand Raised Regarding Travel Related Stress - image courtesy of iStock

Just the thought of trip planning, the expense, packing, decision-making, eating on the road, having all the travel documents, getting the trip experience along with the requisite selfies can be exhausting. Some of us may kick-the-can, delaying our prep. Unfortunately, it only brings more undo stressing because of the unwanted pressure.

Even if we are pro-active, sometimes the slightest disruptions or delays can be the trigger that make us nuts! A missed connection. You or your family is ill. That screaming kid on the flight. But these, are just travel inconveniences.

Why do these windows to appreciate life often trigger feelings of resentment before we even reach our destination? According to the Shawn Achor in the Harvard Business Review, some of us place too much on our shoulders when attempting a get-away. Part of it is the limited amount of time most Americans have available for time off work.

In her article in Alive, Ellen Niemer offered multiple life hacks to limit the stress engine that may complicate your trip. A few of our favorites are listed in the gallery below.

Get your sunshine while we have it. Nothing is ever perfect, so keep your expectations within range. Most of all, try and enjoy the moment.

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