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Stay Humble. Stay Nimble. Stay Positive.

Overwhelmed? Breathe. Reflect. Seek Motivation as Fuel.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a moment to breathe, reflect and seek motivation as fuel. I know about this. During what became a short-lived professional chapter that was both epically toxic and stressful, a mantra came to mind. Daily, there was chaos on all sides (up, down, left, right, past, present, future, etc.). The expression that kept me steady: Stay Humble. Stay Nimble. Stay Positive.

Humble - Staying humble in this setting forced me to manage my ego in order to focus on objectives. This was not easy. Humility required looking inward, identifying allies, prioritizing, exercise and faith.

Nimble - Staying alert and agile is critical when disorder surrounds you. Any one of your skills, whether they be professional, interpersonal, creative or other could be the right tool for surfing through the tsunami. What is key about being nimble is a willingness to be flexible, to persevere, to learn, to adapt and be reborn.

Positive - Lastly, even when the struggle seems to be deflating your movement forward, have some positivity in your toolkit. In a mathematical sense, If the crazy surrounding you is subtracting from living optimally, imagine what addition could do to enhance matters? In fact, a line from a classic from Prince is, “Positivity. Have you had your Plus sign today?” Keep your head-up. Believe good is coming. Allow your joy to shine through as the light for the world.

Old School Takeaway: Argent, “Hold Your Head Up”

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