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So many of us take our body for granted. While it requires physical fitness and proper nutrition, our skin is the largest organ and also requires attention.

During these colder months of the year, hash winds and temperatures can lead to excessive dryness and cracking -- whether your indoors or outside. Hydrating the skin is not only protective, it can also be a means of relaxing and calming nerves. Light fragrances within moisturizers can be a great way of having a sensory escape.

Just like a car, you deserve to sparkle and shine if not for anyone else, for yourself. For some, the spa and the salon are great places for self-care and maintenance. However, it’s possible for us to obtain the basic sheen on a very modest budget, especially during the winter: head to toe, nails included.

Activity A: Review your bare hands and feet. What do they reveal about your current devotion to caring for yourself? Are they being treated equally? Would you make adjustments if you had more time?

Activity B: For three evenings at bedtime, apply the heaviest moisturizer (cream, lotion, petroleum jelly, oil, etc.) that you have available to your feet. Place socks upon your feet. Go to bed. Review the results on the fourth morning.

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