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Just The Facts: Toxic Norms at Work

1 in 5 - 20% of American workers have a hostile workplace. (RAND 2015)

Fatalities on the job are not the benchmark for a hostile workplace. A 2015 survey by RAND illustrates how common toxic and volatile interactions are in our professional lives. The report shows that within a month of the survey one in five employees experienced “verbal abuse, unwanted sexual attention, threats, or humiliating behavior at work” or within the last year, “physical violence, bullying harassment, or sexual harassment.”

The stress that comes as a result spills over to home life, relationships and health care expenses. Since many of us accept the burdens of a toxic workplace for the economic stability, sharing coping tools is helpful.

Share with us what you've done to manage a hostile or toxic work environment.

Also, if you’re in the New York area, consider a Lunch Detox. Be a superhero for yourself and use a lunch break for good. It's mobile, convenient and confidential.

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