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Compassion Is the New Black

Join Let's Check-In Volunteers


Let’s Check-In is a startup, membership program delivering companion care on a tech platform. As a personalized functional support tool, we provide a service via chat and phone. Equal parts off-site attendant and buddy-on-the-spot, we provide a real time comforting ear, direct messages of encouragement, and specifically a "how’s it going?".   


Let’s Check-In provides individuals seeking non-clinical, non-critical support. We are an invisible ally to serve as "wing man" for business, social settings or other activities.



Let's Check-In is growing - fast! We provide a  support service and staff a variety of positions, most are home-based! Current openings include:

  • Engagement Specialists

  • Supervisors

  • Receptionists

  • Marketing Specialists




While in our start-up phase, Let’s Check-In is building a volunteer and intern-based team. Additionally, many shift windows can be attractive to even busy schedules. Some of the qualities we seek in our team:

  • Welcoming and Helpful Nature

  • Pleasant Phone Voice

  • An Engaged Listener

  • Multitasking ability

  • A quiet and controlled environment (no cafes or computer labs)

  • Basic computer competency

  • Capable of working independently and with teams

  • Reliability

  • Compassionate

  • Non-Judgmental



As a non-clinical personal support service, no medical or counseling background is required in most of our client engagement roles. The team is trained via individual and group development sessions. Our team experts and consultants will provide constant feedback regarding enhancing support for our clients.



The following link connects you to a questionnaire and registraion form.

After completion, a member of our team will respond within 24-hours of your submission.


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