Support for Caregivers

Caregivers are the anchor not just of their own life, but for another’s. Championing “holding it in” and “together,” can take a toll when concealing true feelings to please others.

Whether the caregiver is a senior caring for a spouse or peer or is a sandwich-generation caregiver, tending to an older loved-one in addition to your own kids -- a judgment free an informed resource is available to hear your voice. 


Even younger caregivers who juggle life, a career and the role of tending for a peer/sibling/spouse who relies heavily on you, Let's Check-In provides customized solutions to aid in easing stress.


You deserve to be heard.  Let’s connect when it’s good for you by phone or text. 

Need a Light Touch?

The Slim Fit package offers Minder Hugs, either by phone and text. Brief reminder calls, beneficial check-ins or on-the-fly messages -- simple, easy and flexible.

Slim Fit Package

Enhanced Contact?

The Core Support Package offers Minder Hugs and Quilted Ears. This combo includes the Slim Fit package along with daily phone engagement. 

Core Support Package

Let's Check-In is not a crisis line. If you experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, call 911. 

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