Support for College Students

College is more than lectures, labs, books and parties – it can be lonely, stressful and sometimes even dangerous. Living fully, occasionally means getting it wrong. That's part of the process. There’s no reason for you to feel stuck or labeled as a result of you spreading your wings.


Don’t live life feeling cornered. You could be an undergrad, in grad school or not even enrolled as a between-semesters student.

Let’s connect when it’s good for you by phone or text.

Need a Light Touch?

The Slim Fit package offers Minder Hugs, either by phone and text. Brief reminder calls, beneficial check-ins or on-the-fly messages -- simple, easy and flexible.

Slim Fit Package

Enhanced Contact?

The Core Support Package offers Minder Hugs and Quilted Ears. This combo includes the Slim Fit package along with daily phone engagement. 

Core Support Package

Let's Check-In is not a crisis line. If you experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, call 911. 

Let's Check-In, LLC

P.O. Box 23954

Brooklyn, NY 11205

phone (844) 538-6001