Support for HR and Small Businesses

Reduce staff absenteeism rates and increase performance productivity with an employee lifestyle support service. Provide high-performing talent the tools to retain their professional focus with services that destress, offer privacy and flexibility -- all which help your bottom line.

Allow us to further your support to a prized and appreciated community. 

Need a Light Touch?

Lunch Detox for Employers provides staff a scheduling platform for an off-site objective ear present to listen, problem solve and provide resources. 

The Slim Fit package offers Minder Hugs, either by phone and text. Brief reminder calls, beneficial check-ins or on-the-fly messages -- simple, easy and flexible.

Institutions - Slim Fit Package

Enhanced Contact?

The Core Support Package offers Minder Hugs and Quilted Ears. This combo includes the Slim Fit package along with 60 minutes per day of phone engagement. 

Institutions - Core Support Package

Let's Check-In is not a crisis line. If you experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, call 911. 

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