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Our Motivations


Let's Check-In recognizes the needs of people with lives in flux. Many of us work harder, live farther away from loved ones, and spend less quality time with people that matter to us. With devices being our primary forms of contact, breaking the cycle for an authentic one-to-one connection is often a tall order without formal scheduling. We are here to provide solutions

Let's Check-In is an emotional support service delivering customized, non-clinical companion care and check-ins. We offer both an in-person component through our unique Lunch Detox sessions, as well as remote support via text or phone contact designed to meet the needs of our client.

You can have more than 500 Facebook friends, yet there’s no assurance of a phone call or text when you’re having the worst days of your life. Sometimes you just need to have someone who listens to you without judgment. With Let’s Check-In, you can connect on your terms with the comfort, security and freedom that you deserve.

Founded by a multi-generational military family, our leadership brings their professional experiences along with an insider's knowledge of the challenges of mobile working professionals, veterans, active service members and their families.

Our team has constructed a service platform that makes empathy, respect, active listening, problem solving, and developing strategically sound solutions its mission.  


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