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Buried Bowie: "Within the Darkness," Connected and Liberated

When an artist dedicated to evolution dies, not everyone mourns the same individual. Some choose a persona long-since abandoned, others distill the artist to a single work. Many, however, recognize the essence of art, to create and to evolve. David Bowie provided such a whirling adventure of light and dark, mostly as a transcendant musician.

Blackstar, the title of Bowie's final collection, is a bittersweet farewell that hinted of his departure even before his exit. Make it a point to find the album's title track music video. At ten minutes, it is an artistic masterwork on mutiple levels.

Whther you are a Bowie fan, new to his work or just someone who loves great art, seek out his artifacts. The work says much about the last fifty years of music. In an article for PopMatters, Steve Leftridge provides a great primer for quality cuts often skipped by the mainstream.

In addition to rare cuts, Leftridge offers a resonant appreciation of Bowie's path in a few lines, "...because within the darkness he also offered a sense of connection and liberation."

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