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Need Power? Look in the Mirror!

Two amazing videos arrived in the Let’s Check-In newsroom this morning that are worthy of your time. Both addressed the transformational power of self-esteem, and nurturing it as a counterbalance to our image obsessed culture. Noting that March is Women's History Month, it is critical to identify ways to empower ourselves in order to defeat those media propagated, saboteurs of the soul.

Meghan Ramsey, Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, delivers a powerful TED talk called

"Why Thinking You're Ugly Is Bad for You." While the presentation is designed to support girls and teenagers, the message is truly universal.

The other piece is a profile of Silvana Lima (see below) done by the BBC. She is the #1 female professional surfer in Brazil. Despite her clear talent and success on the ocean, endorsements have been lacking. For sponsors, the beach culture they seek to profit on embraces models of a certain type. And that is decidedly not aligned with Lima's tomboy aesthetic. And yet, her beauty shines through in her focus, precision surfing, and engaging smile.

Connecting Ramsey's advice with Lima's well grounded perspective can and should inspire the world, filling it with many more strong and unstoppable women and men. Spread the word!

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