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Just the Facts | "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

Should I Stay or Should I Go - Man considers whether calling out while still in bed

"One in five of all last minute no-shows are due to job stress." - The American Institute on Stress

Workplace stress presents itself beyond the confines of the job. It can announce itself in aches and pains. It can shape a grumpy mood from sun-up to sundown. It can also bully and bruise those closest to us. If the day starts wrong, bailing may not seem a bad choice.

Few of us wants the reputation as a the "no-show," always late, unreliable staff member. In addition to prioritizing, taking breaks, and eating healthy, structure ways of communicating your stress levels with those around you.

For those in New York City, Let's Check-In is piloting our new service, Lunch Detox. Schedule your lunch window with a member of our team to meet you conveniently to actively listen, problem solve and supply resources. For more information click here.

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