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Action | Quantify Your Life

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“If it can’t be measured, it doesn’t matter.”

Wait a minute! Metrics matter in business. But, they can also enhance your life. Aside from the famous song from Rent, “Seasons of Love,” how can we assess quantitative achievements in our daily lives?

Perhaps your smartphone is the key.

Simple health apps can provide you a sense of reward and gratification regarding shaping a better life. As long as your phone is in tow (in hand, in a pocket, in a holster), pedometer apps can count your daily steps individually and convert them into miles. Tracking your physical activity to-and-from the office, across the workday, during lunch, and even at the end of the day allows you a greater sense of accomplishment in meeting health goals and diminish stress levels.

Activity Challenge A: Check your smartphone’s health app. Adding another 1,000 steps per day! You’ll see it’s surprisingly simple. Tell us how or what you have done to have an appreciable increase.

Activity Challenge B: With winter storms looming, what are the methods that you have used to remain physically active when the weather turns foul? Remember the stairs, the mall, simple walks: basic.

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