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ACTION | Prepared for the Worst

A few times a week local television and radio have a federal obligation to play a nerve jarring sound for a few seconds. If broadcasters have an obligation to prepare for emergencies, how prepared do we make ourselves for them?

Emergency Preparedness

While most of us choose not to consider the worst, it is not being morbid or over the top to consider how ready you or your household is ready for a crisis.

What is a crisis? The undesirable. A disruptive event. The range of activities can be broad and include a physical impairment or injury, a missing family member, death, natural disaster, fire, etc.

Whether you were a scout in your youth or not, you owe it to yourself to be prepared.

ACTION: Carve out time this weekend to consider some of the areas that may leave you or your loved ones vulnerable. Use websites like Make a Plan with agencies such as the Red Cross to consider some of the basics to have in your survivor toolkit. Include points of contact, health challenges, materials required for recovery (ex. birth certificates, insurance, financial statements).

While we can’t be prepared for everything, it’s always best to prepared to act.

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