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Killing Your Zombie Self: Five Tips to Reactivation

Killing Your Zombie Self: 5 tips to Reactivation

Ever feel like a zombie? Occupying a numbness bubble or simply being burned out, can take its toll on our work, relationships and life as a whole. Regardless of your set-back, guiding yourself to feeling alive and connected is within your grasp.

If you want to shake your own journey as the undead, we suggest applying 5 Tips to Reactivate yourself.

1. Psychic Awakening

Psychic Awakening

To escape the mental hold of a numbness bubble, give yourself the time to look within for hope. As opposed to measuring regrets or disappointments, consider those items that bring you joy. Visualize your own happiness. Regardless of your faith tradition, your own can-do energy provides you the proper key to unlock this restraint. Be patient and give yourself time.

2. Physical Awakening

Physical Awakening

Burnout also has a way of consuming our physical being. Often a cocoon of comfort (the couch, bed, prolonged sitting at our desk at work, etc.) soon becomes a coffin. Just like with a Psychic Awakening, you have the power to reanimate your body from its zombie state with time, effort and focus.

Start simple by being conscious of your own physical being while sitting at work or home. Are you feeling any aches or pressure in your back, neck, legs, etc.? Respond: stand-up, stretch, walk, take a lunch break. The goal is to take action and derail from the status quo.

3. Basic Goal Setting

Basic Goal Setting

The blahs can also put us on autopilot where we just show up. Challenge your inner-zombie who loves the status quo by creating modest and measurable goals to bring you back to life. Perhaps for you it begins with having a specific bedtime, reading four pages of a book, or even walking a certain amount of steps per day. Documenting small goals, will allow you to have bigger dreams and ambitions. Keep stretching. Your potential truly is beyond your zombie-mind’s understanding. Give yourself time and be patient.

4. Structure


One of the third-rails of Reactivation is an s-word: structure. Because numbness bubbles allow us to ride a conveyor belt in life, to exit this monotonous path it requires an awareness and an interest in reshaping our schedule.

If there are fixed obligations times in your life (sleep, work, commitments to others), identify the open windows to reshape your world and reclaim your joy. Allow committing to your own joy and fulfillment to be a priority and a scheduled event. For you, it might be in the window before work or later in the evening.

Seriously, if you can stream your favorite prime-time program at a later time, then you can reclaim evening window for something that gives your mind and body the push that it needs. Since your zombie needs routine, disrupting it provides you a greater chance to feel and think for yourself.

5. Self Care and Rewards

Self Care and Rewards

Unlike the popularized depictions of self-care, this is much more than a manicure or salon appointment. Self care begins with nurturing your closest ally: you. The numbness bubble for many of us is due not only from a grinding routine, but also from not valuing our own self.

If you have a self-bullying voice programmed in your head who questions your potential, attractiveness, competitiveness, etc, shut him/her up. Acknowledge the voice. Embrace who you really are: a dynamic and fully capable human being. Recognize that you are where you are currently because of your own perseverance.

Seek positive affirmations and positive energy. This may require a lot less of the news of the day and social media. The goal is for you to find greater buoyancy and break from the numbness bubble.

Creating a hospitable mental space starts the process to derail your undead-self. It also includes embracing the benefit of fitness. Walk. Swim. Yoga. The circulation of oxygen and blood preserves and enhances the Psychic and Physical Awakening. Additionally, a healthy nutritional choices also change the perspective of being trapped to being freed.

Rewarding yourself from hitting key goals is certainly worthwhile. However, allow your rewards to be consistent with the change that you’re seeking to make. Your zombie would love the most sabotaging menu item, a few days from your workout, or an expense that we can’t justify. Make your rewards to self sensible and truly good to the undead you want to be.

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