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Be Heard on Your Terms

We Hear You. Let’s Check-in is an emotional support service delivering personalized remote support and check-ins.

When one lacks true connection and empathy it builds loneliness and social isolation. Let's Check-In can be your bridge that extends beyond distance, pain and time.

Let’s Check-In provides scheduled or impromptu contact that comforts, encourages, navigates and includes. 

Our packages are built to customize for the user and their lifestyle including extender support service and family reporting packages.


Let's Check-In provides you and your loved one customized human engagement in a casual and convenient manner.


Through the privacy and warmth of a non-programmed, human connection, Let's Check-In serves our clients without the overexposure or judgment.

Find the right support for you or your loved one by selecting an option below or call us at (844) 538-6001.

Grief, Recovery, and Transition

Adults Living Independently

Military Community

First Responders

College Students

Support for Grief, Recovery, or Transition
For College Students
For Adults Living Independently
For First Responders
For the Military Community
For Caregivers

Minder Hugs

With the frequency of your choice, schedule a check-in call from a human being or text from an unseen buddy/wingman. Program a check-in call or text to ensure your safe passage after a full day or journey.

Quilted Ears

Warm and attentive, Quilted Ears supply an extended private and comforting human check-in by phone. We're always available to provide a sensitive and non-judgmental ear! 

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