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My Grumpy Start - Make It a Task

The struggle is real! How do you wake-up in the morning? Few of us leaps from bed whistling, but those guys exist. If rolling out each day is an effort, perhaps this tip of the day can help.

Make it a Task – Those with dogs seeking a morning walk or kids needing breakfast know the needs of others can jolt you into bleary-eyed action. Oddly enough, many of us can respond to our own mundane schedule with a break down of action and internal bargaining.

For some, the buddy system works well to meet tasks. If you prefer a “team approach,” work it into your day – especially first thing. Whether it is for an early morning gym visit, walk or breakfast with a friend, it can be the motivation that pushes you to your best.

A task-oriented approach to jump-start the day works well solo, as well. Regardless if it is for a workout, healthy breakfast, meditation, etc., prioritizing the purpose of the AM start has a stronger chance of winning the mental wrestling match.

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