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More Love, Less Hate, Compassion During Tragedy

Over the weekend our nation incurred two terrible tragedies in Orlando. I am sure everyone has heard the news of these two tragic events. Saturday night's shooting at The Pulse nightclub is now the largest mass shooting we have experienced in the United States. It was only Friday night when “The Voice” singer, Christina Grimmie was also killed by a lone gunman in the same town.

I,for one, had to turn away from the onslaught of news. My emotions ran high, and I am still deeply troubled and saddened by this past weekend’s tragedies. We as a nation have pulled together as we are able to do in times like this, but during our nation standing strong, the finger pointing begins. Is it gun control laws, mental health issues, or even terrorist that cause these tragedies. We will see it play out in the news in the continuing weeks of everyone’s thoughts.

I am sure you are also aware shootings occurred throughout the world this past weekend. In Chicago over the weekend 7 were killed and 33 were wounded in gun violence. On Sunday there was another mass shooting in Roswell, New Mexico. Five people — four of them children — were found shot to death. I could continue to add to this list, but I would require pages and pages to list all that occurred this past weekend.

Our nation stands strong in crisis. Even if we don’t know anyone involved in this tragedy we are affected by this loss. Everyone will react to this in their own way. We all cope in different ways. Some people find support through vigils, prayers and reaching out in the community. Others will step away and want to be alone, feel anger and even want to blame.

Know it is okay to feel a whole range of emotions. Remember it is important to take care of you and people around you during times like this. Here are some things you can do when you are feeling overwhelmed this week.

  • Take time to talk with others and listen

  • Make time for exercise

  • Be kind to yourself and others

  • Turn off the TV and Social Media

  • Sleep

  • Drink lots of water

  • Volunteer in your community

  • Ask for help if you need it

  • Take one thing at a time

  • Avoid drugs and excessive drinking

During times of tragedy we discover how strong we are and how we can support others during this time. What I want everyone to remember is love one another, support one another, try not to judge one another. We discover how amazing people are, and our ability to survive is tremendous. We will remember this senseless act and move forward with compassion.

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