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Half Full or Half Empty: Perceptions and Communication

Empty, Half-Filled and Full Water Glasses - image courtesy of iStock

We are constantly being bombarded by all types of images and opinions that can lead us to doubt pretty much anything that might be viewed as positive.

How do we manage the negativity we encounter day to day? The answer depends on your perspective.

Are you a “glass half-full” or a “glass half-empty” type of person? That is the question that often comes up first when talking about perceptions. Those in the former category lean to maintaining a positive attitude, while the latter may consider themselves realists based on their own life experiences. Neither position is right or wrong, yet you know how your point of view can influence your feelings. And there is another facet of this conversation that is often not discussed, the role of direct communication.

To this writer, it seems increasingly clear that far too many people have a limited number of folks actually listening to them and their opinions. Look at social media and all of the incendiary language that gets tossed around in the public square and you can see that folks are convinced they are just not being heard. It is much easier to deal with the ills of the world when you have company, just someone to talk with about whatever comes to mind.

If that glass is half-empty, we want to have another person around to acknowledge our sense of loss. If it is half-full, well heck, it would be great to share that news with somebody, too. We all need to have some type of external validation for our ideas, or at least someone willing to listen as we voice our opinions.

This is the primary challenge that we are addressing as we build the Let’s Check-In community. From caregivers to first responders to those connected to our military services and more—EVERYONE needs some type of connection. And that is precisely why we are here.

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