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Before You “Ask Your Doctor About...”

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A limited rotation of commercials can easily position that the solution to any ailment is a prescription. Sometimes medication is the answer. However, exploring healthy self-care options should also be considered before a chemical one.

Support: If you’re lucky to have a go-to circle who won’t betray your trust when you are most vulnerable, make some time to discuss the weight of the world -- YOUR world.

Remember, there is no shame in seeking out support who make it appoint to listen. Clinical providers including social workers are fantastic for counseling. However, faith-based and peer-to-peer support should also be considered when discussing matters that affect the family or home.

Document: Long before blogs and social media, diaries and journals supplied a private outlet for individuals to document and reflect on daily events. Entries can be as mundane as lists and the menu of the day. Others can assess relationships, disappointments, along with dreams and goals.

Once it becomes a habit, journaling can be extremely necessary. To get started, try a small memo pad and pen that can be readily available during the day.

Action: Physical activity has a strong effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Endorphins are chemicals released during sustained fitness that affect the brain, our moods, along with pain and tension within the body. The expression of a “runner’s high” comes from the effect of endorphins released from a workout.

Additionally, non-physical, repetitive tasks are also great means of engaging self-care. Reading, knitting, home repair all provide a means of quieting the clutter that surrounds you to better shape your own sense of peace.

Lastly, be mindful of self-care traps that expose you for greater distress. Those include with

  • Financial Commitments

  • Physical Threat

  • Psychological Pressure

  • Emotional Vulnerability

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