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Action | Sensory Time Travel

Our senses as the source of memory can be transformative and provide a calming affect. | Image - iStock.

Interested in a bit of time travel? Close your eyes, silence yourself and imagine one of the most comforting and warming smells you can recall from childhood. Sense memories can be transformative and affect our entire being.

For you, was the smell of freshly baked bread or an early morning pot of coffee what filled your home in simpler times? At this time of year, sometimes it’s merely with an extended blink of my eyes that I am whisked back to the orchestra of sweet citrus and spicy smells of Mom’s batch of mulled cider.

Activity Challenge A: Close your eyes and imagine a comforting smell that excited you in the past. What is it? Does it affect you the same way?

Activity Challenge B: Identify one of the more comforting aromas from the past and prepare it this weekend. Don’t make it too complex.

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