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Just Chill: It's Not About the Candy or Flowers

Hey sweetness...oh yeah, we're talking to you. Don't let the Valentine's commotion break your heart. Before the easy-listening, soft-rock or R&B ballads of love lost/found drives you crazy, remember the truth: it's all marketing!

Valentine's Day hype sells movie tickets, secures restaurant reservations, yields wine and increases the sale of lingerie, jewlery, make-up, spa treatments, flowers, candy and cards. Often referred to as a Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Day ranks as fourth within the top five seasons based on spending.

Regardless of your relationship status, love what you love and make it known year round. You love bacon? Let the world know. You love your pet? Let the world know. The Earth appreciates your love. Acts of kindess show your love. Fitness is a form of showing your love. Calling a loved one or friend is a form of showing your love.

Also, some perspective may help as you prep for this weekend: Valentine's Day 2016 is merely a Sunday. Make it what you wish!

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