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Just Chill: 7 Ways to Nurture the Soul (...for Cheap)

Busy schedules and incessant distractions can twist us in knots -- in both the body and mind. Catching a breather shouldn't be grounds for additional stress.

Before you blow your tax refund check on a vacation or some other form of retail therapy (clothes, electronics, spa, etc.), consider 7 low cost/no cost solutions for your numb or throbbing spirt. ​

  1. Time Out - An unscripted window can lift a sense of obligation, reducing stress levels and allowing your thoughts to wander. Both are good for the body, mind and spirit.

  2. Meditate - Time honored for religious and philosophical adherents, the benefits of meditiation are yielding new paths in health care as well as education. Equal parts free-form and disciplined, meditation is a paradox that is growing number of mainstream practitioners.

  3. Religious Service - Delivering balance to your spirit may not be a solo endeavor. Finding connection and balance within a house of worship may happen without your ability to explain.

  4. Exercise - Motion and movement are the basis of exercise. Whether it is a stroll, bike ride or swim, allowing the mind a retreat through the physical activity of your choice can make the difference.

  5. Focused Analog Reading - Americans may be engaged in reading more thanks to our online and smart phone lifestyles. However, most of this reading is highly distracted due to the platforms. Reduce your distractability by picking up an analog reading source: book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

  6. Nature - The Earth is a living planet and nurturing. Regardless of the time of year, appreciating the beauty of the natural world's consistency and changes can be a way of losing our thoughts from stress. Appreciate the crispness or warmth of the air. Appreciate the majesty and might of the trees. Appreciate the color and variation of plants and flowers.

  7. Home Cooked Meal - The term "comfort food" was coined to refer to easy to prepare dishes that could soothe an adult by transporting them to an era of their innocence via a meal. Destressing isn't always lo-carb or fat-free, but it may be a true stress buster. The beauty of making such a meal at home is that physical act of preparation along with the lingering aromas offer a longer term benefit.

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