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Collective Healing in Digital Times

Is your heart hurting from all the overwhelming violence, and death that has been brought to the forefront time and time again in the last days, months and even years? I know in the past few years, I have been saddened by tragedies and now in the past month alone, I am overwhelmed. Why are we not learning from the past events and why do we keep having replays of shootings, killings and violence?

Our nation is hurting, we are struggling. Let’s hurt for America and let’s work together to make the change to our nation so we can stand together united and not divided.

I don’t have the answers, but I want to work towards a solution. We pride ourselves as a kind, giving and caring nation. What can we do as this nation to stop the needless violence?

I do know that the media, both traditional and social, with a stream of live news updates can trigger our emotions to run high and summon feelings of anger, sadness and despair to kick in.

Often we don’t stop to ask questions; we jump at the chance to persecute the judged and blame the victims as well. We can take a step back, learn all the facts, before the anger and hate begin. Let’s start with empathy and compassion for our nation.

Some tips to navigate your stressful days:

1. Take a step back from the media, turn off the TV.

2. Walk away from your computer. Go spend time with family, friends and your community. Seek out human connection and stop the judgement from our computers.

3. Think before you type, lead with compassion and empathy.

4. Step away from feeding into the negative frenzy.

The change can start with each person taking a stand not to feed the negative but lead with our heart and mind. Let’s take a moment not to pass blame, but come together to find a solution. Let’s stand together and use our hearts and minds to solve this. Are you with me? Are you ready to make a change as a nation?

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